Dear Rodney

This is the story of two bungling roommates that communicate through passive aggressive, semi-legible notes. Follow Chollie on his misadventures as he fumbles through urban life with and without Rodney. 

Originally written by Cris Trout as a series of posts on Instagram (#DearRodney) and then adapted into a series of online comics by me. The comic book is a reworked version of those early comics (now in color!) with more adaptations of Cris’ scripts. Zany fun abound! Hopefully, you’ve never had roommates like these. You can buy your own print copy here or digital copy here.


Imagine finding a treasure trove of drawings and comics that you made as a small child. That’s what happened to my friend Matt Sutter. He generously shared this bounty with me and I lovingly reimagined one of his childhood comic creations. I took some liberties by incorporating some addendums (within the graphic parentheses), otherwise the story is as it was written. This was a part of an anthology of artists riffing off of that same childhood comic.

Birthday Street

Birthday Street was a web comic that I had done with Kevin Cornell and Matt Sutter. We’d take turns creating comics based loosely on some element from the comic that had preceded it.