Enjoy some last minute gift giving ideas courtesy of this animated Birthday Street comic!

Sometimes inventors and their inventions can change people’s lives for the better. Then there’s this guy. Another Birthday Street misadventure to enjoy!

An alien wistfully wonders about life, connection, and their own place in the universe… then Zorthron shows up!

“Introducing It” started as a graphic novel for early readers. The story is written exclusively utilizing sight words, sometimes called memory words, that children memorize rather than learn phonetically. Through repetition and the slow addition of these words, in conjunction with visual context, “Introducing It” is a fun way to reinforce lessons and engage early readers. This project was conceived while assisting my oldest child through virtual kindergarten during the 2020/21 school year. During lulls in the school day we would play a game on a laminated paper with dry erase markers we called “Copy Cat”. I would draw/write something on one side and they would copy on the other, then we would switch. The character of “It” was born out of this game. In collaboration with my wife, Eleanor, we created the book and now this animation.

Action Guy (or ACTION GUY as one could write it) is one of my favorite Birthday Street comic characters. Growing up with G.I. Joe toys and loving action movies he tapped into a part of my youth brain. Here’s an animated short based on one of the comics he appeared in. For whatever reason, he’s got to get that guy.

The character that would become known as “The World’s Greatest Hotdog” was created by Matt Sutter (in a comic with a goofy hyphenation in its title). The “WGHD”, as I sometimes shorten it, is probably the greatest achievement of Birthday Street comic characters. Good natured, helpful, energetic, surprising, silly, and a little bit cool. Like a breakfast cereal mascot you wish was your friend. Enjoy my animated version of Matt’s comic featuring the voice talent of fellow Birthday Street creator Kevin Cornell.
Quincy is a nervous wreck, even before a chance encounter with The World’s Greatest Hotdog. Enjoy this animation (featuring my voice acting talents) based on a Birthday Street comic created by Kevin Cornell. If you’re interested in more hilarious content like this, check out the unabridged book.
Dr. Doctor M.D. is a helpful sort. Let’s look in to see how he helps out a lumpy patient. This is the third installment of a Birthday Street thread. When the three creatives would undertake making a comic, they would start by working off of some element from the comic that preceded it. In this trio of animations it follows through one small arc of those threads. Starting with anthropomorphic hotdogs, then (maybe) imagined anthropomorphic hotdogs, and finally the doctor character.

Here’s an animated short I made based on a children’s book collaboration with my family. We created the book at the start of our COVID quarantine in the Spring of 2020 to give my daughter some practice with her handwriting. You can find the eBook here to share it with your little ones (or grown up ones).

Baby Jack thinks all sorts of things are snacks. They are not snacks, Baby Jack!

My animation demo reel for, music used with permission by Everyone Everywhere.