More fun with insurance plans! This time the concept for the piece was a friendly neighborhood agent interacts with some regular people and has advice about how the insurance coverage is just right for them. It’s always fun to see how the finished video references and diverges from the storyboards I make. See if you can follow along how things compare!

Storyboards are a funny thing. They’re like comics but not quite comics. They are more of a plan for what’s to come. Sometimes I get to do them for animation and other times for live action shoots. In this set it was the latter. After I draw storyboards the next step that the creative team takes is to make something called an animatic; which is my work edited together as a video with an audio track. It’s used as a working proof to share with clients and/or legal teams, or for directors to coordinate creative. The concept for this piece was that a spokesperson would walk you through the park and talk about how different health insurance plan features benefitted various encountered people. The particular challenge for this project was incorporating the likenesses of the cast and features of the scouted location.

“What Matters” 60 second spot animatic. 

Storyboards for a pharmaceutical commercial. This woman’s meds last all week and she’s pretty excited to share the news on social media.

Storyboard for an animated pharmaceutical commercial. This is a fun gag about how gross this guy’s toenails are. You can watch the finished piece here:
NonyX nail gel commercial animated by Electric Kite studios.

Campaign for the National Pest Management Association about identifying best practices for protecting your home and family from common pests.

Wear a robe all day. Visit the spa and get a massage. This commercial for a Wyndham Resorts rewards card wants you to spoil yourself.

I worked on two seasons of “The Chica Show” for the Sprout Network (now called Peacock Jr.) as a storyboard and production artist. The show was a combination of a live action shoot with actors and puppets, and an animated portion with some of those characters. Here’s a bit of storyboard art from “Snow Princess Chica” and a mashup clip of that segment and the animated segment from “Chica Climbs A Mountain” (which I also storyboarded). This project was uniquely challenging because I was collaborating with an editor to construct animatics (moving storyboards, almost rough animation) and had to draw more frames than some conventional ‘boards. Little bit of personal trivia, Chica’s voice saying “oh yeah!” has been my phone’s ringtone ever since working on the show.

The Chica Show “Snow Princess Chica” page 1
“The Chica Show” winter adventures clips