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It’s Springtime For New Nosehairs

Springtime allergies has my nose unfurling hairs from the deepest portion of my nostrils. Blooming like a fern or flower to reach out, tickle, and annoy. Happy Spring, everyone!


Hazel The Cloud

Here’s an animated short I made based on a children’s book collaboration with my family. We created the book at the start of our COVID quarantine this past Spring to get my daughter some practice with her handwriting. You can find the eBook here to share it with your little ones (or grown up ones).

Nailed It

Late last year I did some storyboard work for an animated commercial being produced by the newly minted Electric Kite Animation studio. Done in an old UPA inspired style for the characters and backgrounds it was a real treat to work on. The funny thing (gross to some) was that it was for a topical toenail gel. The finished product looks really awesome! Great job team!