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Animated Bike Polo Shorts

A fun collection of animated promotional bike polo shorts I made for use on Instagram. Does this sound like word salad? Not sure what I’m talking about? Check out @bikepolosaintpete or for more details. Trust me, it’s fun and VERY real.

Space Adventure Animation

An alien wistfully wonders about life, connection, and their own place in the universe… then Zorthron shows up!

Hotdogs And Delusions

I’ve recently been working on translating a number of Birthday Street comics into short animations. You can see all of them on the animation page of my site. Here are a pair that feature The World’s Greatest Hotdog.

The character that would become known as “The World’s Greatest Hotdog” was created by Matt Sutter (in a comic with a goofy hyphenation in its title). The “WGHD”, as I sometimes shorten it, is probably the greatest achievement of Birthday Street comic characters. Good natured, helpful, energetic, surprising, silly, and a little bit cool. Like a breakfast cereal mascot you wish was your friend. Enjoy my animated version of Matt’s comic featuring the voice talent of fellow Birthday Street creator Kevin Cornell.
Quincy is a nervous wreck, even before a chance encounter with The World’s Greatest Hotdog. Enjoy this animation (featuring my voice acting talents) based on a Birthday Street comic created by Kevin Cornell. If you’re interested in more hilarious content like this, check out the unabridged book.

Hazel The Cloud

Here’s an animated short I made based on a children’s book collaboration with my family. We created the book at the start of our COVID quarantine this past Spring to get my daughter some practice with her handwriting. You can find the eBook here to share it with your little ones (or grown up ones).

Never too early to plan Halloween

That’s right, it’s never too early to plan your Halloween party!

Actually, I’ve finished some card concepts for a client this week. Working with a company that produces greeting cards means that there’s a generous lead time until that holiday comes around. It can feel a little weird working so far out of seasonal alignment. Here are a couple of fun illustrations that ultimately didn’t get used for this round of cards. Most don’t have any type treatment in place but I think you get the gist of it.

bat-beer jack-o-booze mummy-walk witch-face