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My Totally Awesome Comic Book “Dear Rodney” Is In Print

That’s right! “Dear Rodney” is available as a printed comic book on this very website. Bask in the colors as they come alive on the page. Comb over the paper and feel its glossy texture. Breath deep and sniff the cozy, chemical, inky smell of comfort. Listen to the gratifying “whiff” sound of the pages as you turn them. This book is (almost) a feast for your senses (you probably don’t want to taste it)! Please read responsibly.

For those of you that might not have gotten the memo, “Dear Rodney” is also available on Comixology as a digital comic.

U.S shipping only, please inquire here for other shipping requests.


A friend of mine, Cris Trout, has taken up using Instagram as an unlikely vehicle for sharing some of his writing. He’s posted numerous entries of fictitious notes left between bungling roommates. You can track them down by searching for the hashtag #dearrodney. They’re hilarious.

Due to a fit of holiday boredom I did an adaptation of one of these “scripts” into a comic. If any of you like it, and more importantly if Cris likes it, I might make some more. Enjoy!